Fishing Technology

With the amount of fishing technology today, there are so many different items you can buy to improve your fishing. The number of options though can be intimidating. You do not want to purchase something you will never use. This section will go over some important fishing technology that will help you increase the amount of fish you will catch.

Fish Finder

If you are planning on ocean fishing or lake fishing, I highly recommend purchasing a fish finder. It will save you all the hassle of trying to find the correct depth and locations of fish. You do not need to purchase the most expensive fish finder but should purchase one that will last a few years.

Castable Fish Finders

One recently popular technology is castable fish finders. It allows you to find the depth of areas around your boat. One of the benefits of this is they are generally cheaper, and you can view the mapping on your phone. Another benefit is that it is portable. You can use it during any season.

Using your laptop as a fish finder

You can now use your laptop as a fish finder which can help your improver your fishing game. It will only take a few easy steps.

1. Buy a sonar transducer compatible with your laptop. The type of transducer you buy will vary depending on your boat and the fish you want to catch.

2. You then will need to upload the sonar transducer software to your laptop. You will either download it through a CD provided by the transducer manufacture, or you will have to go to their website to download it. Make sure the software is up-to-date.

3. Set up the transducer on your boat.

4. Attach sonar transducer cable to your laptop.

5. Install something to mount your laptop onto your command console.

6. Start scanning for fish!

You can also use a tablet or desktop instead of a laptop. Look up the best fishing locations for your lake If you don’t want to invest into a fish finder, you can also look up the best fishing locations for your lake online. Many websites have forums where fishermen discuss where the fish are biting. The main problem is that some lakes will have better fish discussion than others. The more popular the fishing lake, the better the discussion of fishing locations.

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